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  • Detail view for records (or forms)

Detail View / Forms

We're introducing a "detail" view.

  • It lets you see one record, vertically.
  • It's great because records now have a permalink!


  •  In the setup, we require a schema name when in spreadsheet mode (read-write). The reason is, if there is no schema name, the last schema will be used, and if it's a JNDI connection pool, the previous connection may have changed schemas.
  •  In the setup, we've fixed the space drop-down. It lets you set different connection details for a given space than the global connection.
  •  Fix a bug with the User picker and Page picker for cells. We've used the new menu/autocomplete API that we've created in PLAYSQL-194 (see below).
  •  Fix minor bugs for Internet explorer.
  •  The menu for the rows couldn't appear. We've replaced Confluence's default menu system with our own one, because the API changed too often and doesn't respond to Play SQL's needs.
  •  We use an external plugin named "PSEA" to export to Excel. The plugin is shared between Play SQL and Requirement Yogi, which decreases the memory requirements by 15Mb for instances where both are installed. PSEA must be present, and is installed when Play SQL is installed.
  •  is the issue for the delivery of the detail view / forms.

Issue list

Upgrade notes

  • The "PSEA" plugin will be installed together with Play SQL Base or Spreadsheets. It is required. It performs the Excel exports.
  • As explained above, the Legacy SQL Macro is removed. Please do not upgrade if you still require it.
  • If you upgrade from Play SQL 2.6, there are new requirements:
  • If you upgrade from Play SQL 2.9, there are schema changes:

Known issues