The information collected by Play SQL, Requirement Yogi and other products, comes from:

This is our privacy policy for all our apps and websites, as of October 2nd, 2019. By using our products:


What information we collect

We mostly gather information through support cases. We also receive information from Atlassian through licenses ("Atlassian-collected end-user data"), Jira support issues, and from Google Analytics which we use our websites.

We host data created by users in our Cloud apps.

We don't gather any data when apps are installed by the customers on their own server, with the exception of the "feedback job" in Play SQL Base, explained in the table below.

How we use information we collect

We use the information to:

This includes:

What data is collected?

Data collected in the products

Atlassian defines:

Atlassian is not responsible for the privacy, security or integrity of Vendor-Collected End User Data.

ModeProductStatusAtlassian-collected end-user data (1)

Vendor-collected end-user data (1)

Data containing PII(3)Other collected data, in normal usageData when submitting a support request through the app

Requirement Yogi

PaidThe license informationNone


None since 2.2.5(5).

ServerRequirement Yogi for JiraFreeNoneNoneNoneNone
ServerRY Testing & CompliancePaidThe license informationNoneNoneNone
ServerPSEA - Play SQL Export Add-onFreeNoneNoneNoneNone
ServerSEO ManagerFreeNoneNoneNoneNone

Play SQL Base


None since 3.1.2(4)


None since 3.1.4(5).

ServerPlay SQL SpreadsheetsPaidThe license informationSame as Play SQL Base


Same as Play SQL Base
ServerPlay SQL FormsFreeNoneNoneNoneNone
ServerReqIF extension for Requirement YogiFreeNoneNoneNoneNone
Cloud apps
CloudPlay SQL SpreadsheetsPaidThe license informationNone

Application data(2) (spreadsheets).

CloudSQL ConnectorPaidThe license informationNone

Application data(2) (SQL queries, connection tokens to the database).

CloudCYO Create Your OwnRetiredNoneNone

Application data(2) (HTML and Javascript).


(1) As defined in Atlassian Marketplace Publisher Agreement, section §8.4

(2) Free data may contain PII if users have entered some.

(3) PII: Personally identifiable information (user names, email, phone number, etc).

(4) There used to be a feedback job in Play SQL Base and Play SQL Spreadsheets. This feedback job was removed in version 3.1.2 (see the history of this page).

(5) It used to be possible to submit support requests through the app. This feature was removed in October 2019 (see the history of this page).

What other data is collected?

How we share information we collect

Play SQL is currently a sole-trader company (company type "SASU" in France) with:

There are special situations where external people may have access to the data:

Here is what we allow:

InformationFounderEmployees under confidentiality agreementContractorsAccountant
Application DataYesYesYesNo
Web AnalyticsYesYesNoNo

How we host and transfer data internationally


Please see our Security Policy.

How long we keep information

We try to delete data as early as possible, except for backups which we keep a little longer. 

License information

License information is provided to us by Atlassian every time we need it.

If Atlassian starts limiting the history, then we will store it for up to 2 years, mainly for accounting purposes.

User-created data in our Cloud apps

We delete data from the active databases as soon as the addon is uninstalled.

We keep a backup of customer data for 2 months.

Our providers, where we keep information and how it is transferred internationally

Our products are generally hosted by Digital Ocean, except our website which is managed by OVH, France. The computers we use to create software and access your information are located in France.

TypeProductWhere it is hostedLinkData Processing Addenum
CloudPlay SQL SpreadsheetsDigital Ocean, Amsterdam, Netherlands Part of their ToS
CloudSQL ConnectorDigital Ocean, Amsterdam, Netherlands
CloudCYO Create Your OwnDigital Ocean, Amsterdam, Netherlands
CloudBackups for cloud productsDigital Ocean, Amsterdam, Netherlands
WebOur websiteOVH, France Part 2 of their ToS
Mailing listsAllMailChimp, USA

EmailFastmailFastmail, Australia / USA.

(tick) Part of their ToS


Encrypted backups of our administrative documents, invoices, work documents.

SpiderOak, USA
DesktopOur computers, our company, etc.Encrypted laptops, desktops and hard drives, France.-

We plan to use Amazon Web Services in the future for several of those services.

How to access and control your information

You have a right to access the personal information we collect and correct it. Most of the processes are automated:

If any process is not automated or you do not know how to exercise your rights, you may exercise them by contacting Adrien Ragot at:

Play SQL - Responsable GDPR

77 rue Maurice Flandin

69003 Lyon


How we update this policy

We may update this policy without notice, for the purposes of being more specific, reflecting a new practice or complying to legal requirements.

Change log:


Our Privacy Policy applies to all of the websites and software offered by us. It excludes services offered by Atlassian or any other provider.

When we receive formal written complaints, we contact the person who made the complaint to follow up. In case of dispute, we seek the best amicable resolution. We may work with appropriate regulatory authorities to resolve complaints. The privacy policy is governed by the laws of France, and, subject to the following sentence, in case of dispute, the parties irrevocably and unconditionally submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Lyon, France.