Quick Information

  • The JIRA app is free,
  • It lets you create links to requirements from JIRA issues.

Search the Atlassian Marketplace for "Requirement Yogi for Jira"

Go to the cog menu -> System 
Search for "Requirement Yogi for Jira" and install it. 

You've probably already done it:

Go to the cog -> Applications
Click Applications -> Application Links
Configure the applink

Use the sever's url including the base path. For example:

  • If your dashboard is http://confluence.local:1990/confluence/#all-updates
  • Then your baseurl is http://confluence.local:1990/confluence/

Configure an Applink between a project and a space

It's not enough to connect JIRA and Confluence, you must specify which Confluence space matches your JIRA project.

Go to the project administration, click "Configure project links"
Click "Add link" on the top-right

More options?

All settings can be found in the administration

-> Issues

-> Issue Features

-> RY Requirement Linking



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