Migrating from Requirement Yogi 2.x?

If you are migrating from Requirement Yogi 2.x, the migration tasks will execute. It is generally fast and seamless, but some customers can experience errors, see Migration to RY 3.0: FAQ for all the details.

Major change in the browser technology

We are introducing a new technical library for our front-end, ReactJS. There is no direct benefit for customers and it should not be immediately visible, however this is necessary to keep our product interesting for the developers who work on it.

Important: If there is any screen that isn't loading, please contact us in emergency. We test with all browsers, but production environments are sometimes special.

For the moment, only the management of the queue in the administration uses this new library.

New queue, new thread management

We are now sharing the same code, for the queue between Confluence and Jira:

  • Customers will benefit from a unified UI (There is a new tab in the administration),
  • We have changed the APIs that we are using to launch threads. There should be only 1 thread per queue on the entire cluster (For the moment, 1 thread in Confluence and 2 threads in Jira), and they shut down after 1 minute idle.

Again, production environments may be different from our staging environments; If, as a system administrator, you notice anything weird, please notify us.


If you have any trouble:

  • Please use the "Logging" feature in the Requirement Yogi administration, to capture the logs,
  • Then downgrade to Requirement Yogi 3.3.x, to ensure your service is not interrupted,
  • Note that Jira and Confluence don't allow direct downgrades, so you have to first uninstall Requirement Yogi 3.4.0, then upload a the ".jar" file of the version 3.3.11.
  • Then contact us on on our Customer Portal: https://requirementyogi.atlassian.net/servicedesk/customer/portals

We will be watching for any ticket related to this upgrade.

List of issues

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