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There is no automated migration path to the cloud. This page explains how to transform requirement keys to text, then transform them back to keys in the Cloud.

Before migrating to the Cloud

Things to know:

  • We don't have baselines on the Cloud. It is a younger product with fewer features.
  • It is more difficult to see the requirements on the Jira issues.
  • We don't have an assisted migration path yet. Baselines, traceability matrixes, reports, and links in Jira will be lost and have to be re-created manually.

Overview of the migration

Our only migration path is to remove Requirement Yogi, migrate, and use the transformation tool on the Cloud to transform the pages back.

1. Prepare the migration

The database

Before you start, perform an entire backup of the database and of Confluence. All the data of Requirement Yogi will be destroyed (baselines, traceability matrixes) and macros removed from Confluence pages.

In Jira

In Jira, nothing will be migrated to the cloud. We suggest exporting your data to Excel to be able to recreate it.

In Confluence

The first step is to replace all Requirement Yogi macros on pages, with simple text (the requirement keys).


After this, Requirement Yogi will have deleted all the macros, but also all the records in its database, the traceability matrixes, history of requirements in baselines, links to Jira, etc.

2. Migrate

Use Atlassian's migration tools to move your pages to the cloud.

3. Transform the pages again

On the cloud, go through each page which contains requirements, and use the menu → Requirement Yogi to display the transformation dialog:


The transformation dialog should be preconfigured, just click "Transformation options" → "Transform and save" to transform the page.

After transforming the pages:

  • Go to Jira,
  • Setup Requirement Yogi in Jira,
  • Go to each Jira issue and recreate the links to Confluence requirements.


As of Januarry 2022, here is our next milestones for the Cloud: