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  • Requirement Yogi was initially priced at 25% of Confluence, but we haven't increased after the price bump last year, as opposed to most plugins,
  • We are releasing the version 2.0 with a new valuable feature (Excel imports),
  • We need funding to work on the Data Center certification, which will benefit everyone since the performance will improve for all users.

Confluence ServerData Center
TierConfluenceRY - 2018RY - 2019Confluence DC

Requirement Yogi

25% of Confluence price

10 Users$10$10$10--
25 Users


50 Users$3500$500$900--
100 Users$6400$900$1600--
250 Users$12,400$1800$3100--
500 Users$19,300$2500$4850$12,000$4,850
2000 Users$22,800$3500$5700$48,000$6,000
10.000 Users$29,100$4500$7500$130,000$32,500
Unlimited$35,400$5500$900025% of Confluence price
titleGrandfathering - We keep the same price for existing customers

Customers Confluence Server customers who have bought the product for the first time before 30/05/2019 can benefit from the old price until 30/05/2020. Please ask our support for a voucher, using the name of your company, and we will provide it.