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  • 150 requirements per page, with a maximum of 400 (Confluence doesn't support infinite pages anyway).
  • The default Global Limit is 12,000 and it should be the optimum for most people. If administrators notice that the Conflue
  • The expected number of dependencies, as explained on Limitations, is about 20. We don't have a hard limit, but please don't design a model with 1000-to-1 relationships, whether on requirements or on Jira issues.
  • The size limit for baselines depends on the Global Limit and it is 12,000 requirements by default.

Processes to monitor:

  • (warning) For administrators, the process to monitor is baseline creation. If baselines take more than 30s to create, they load very important amounts of data in memory, such as requirements and the associated pages, and hold on to the transaction until the baseline is created.
    • Symptom: If baselines are too big, they will cause a memory error, which symptom is to slow the instance down until it doesn't process anything anymore (the phase where the JVM tries to garbage-collect forever) until, at one point, it throws a HeapSpaceException or OutOfMemoryError.
    • Resolution: Administrators can reduce the baseline size by reducing the Global Limit.
    • Our plans: In RY-965, we will ensure we communicate it to users in the UI, and in RY-966 we will make it a background task chopped in smaller transactions.
  • The disk space usage in Jira. Delete history in the administration if the AO_42D05A_RY_AUDIT_TRAIL table becomes too large. See Maintenance guide.
  • The queue. See Queue performance.

Performance in 3.0

Changes in 3.0: