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Atlassian is not responsible for the privacy, security or integrity of Vendor-Collected End User Data.

ModeProductStatusFrameworkAtlassian-collected end-user data (1)

Vendor-collected end-user data (1)

Data containing PII(3)Other collected data, in normal usage
CloudRequirement YogiPaid

Atlassian Connect

using Atlassian's official ACSB.

The license subscription informationNoneApplication data(2) (the requirements, page IDs, page titles, Jira issues)
CloudRequirement Yogi for JiraPaidThe license subscription informationNoneApplication data(2) (the requirements text, page IDs, page titles, Jira issues)

Server / DC

Requirement Yogi


Atlassian P2 plugins

The license subscription informationNone


Server / DCRequirement Yogi for JiraFreeNoneNoneNone
Server / DCRY Testing & CompliancePaidThe license subscription informationNoneNone
Server / DCPSEA - Play SQL Export Add-onFreeNoneNoneNone
Server / DCSEO ManagerFreeNoneNoneNone
Server / DC

Play SQL Base


None since 3.1.2(4)


Server / DCPlay SQL SpreadsheetsFreeNoneNone since 3.1.2(4)None
Server / DCPlay SQL FormsFreeNoneNoneNone
Server / DCReqIF extension for Requirement YogiFreeNoneNoneNone

(1) As defined in Atlassian Marketplace Publisher Agreement, section §8.4: Generally the company name, country, address, technical email, licensing email, reseller details, license number, etc.

(2) Free text may contain PII if users have entered any.


  • Concerning the "feedback job" of Play SQL Spreadsheets, you can disable it in the "Privacy Policy" tab of your add-on,
  • Concerning the data that is sent for support cases, you are notified and you can send an email manually to us,
  • Concerning the free data that you create in the Cloud apps, you can edit it in the application.
  • Concerning backups, our Cloud products contain a "Backup" page which can be used to export your data.

Architecture and specific information for Requirement Yogi Cloud (Confluence and Jira)


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