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This information is subject to change in case of architectural change: if we decide to migrate the app to another provider, or if we decide to change databases inside of AWS, or if we decide to add/remove availability zones, or if we decide of another architecture. In any case, we will ensure that the data is encrypted at rest.

The data that the app stores is subject to constant changes depending on features we develop. For the moment, the data is:

  • The key and body of requirements,
  • The keys and titles of Jira issues,
  • The page IDs, and sometimes the page titles and page body, specifically if there is an error and the support might need to investigate,
  • Data which the users create in the app, notably reports they create, transformation templates, etc.,
  • The userKey associated with changes, which is an anonymized identifier provided to us by Atlassian,
  • The clientKey, which is the key of the instance, and its URL,
  • License information provided by Atlassian,
  • We only retrieve information made accessible to us by Atlassian or edit information that Atlassian allows us to, and we don't recoup this information with other sources.


If any process is not automated or you do not know how to exercise your rights, you may exercise them by contacting Adrien Ragot at: