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If you didn't already connect you Confluence and Jira instances please follow Installation in Jira

Linking requirements to Jira issues allows you and your users to take Requirement Yogi to the next step.

From an issue, you can quickly navigate to your product specifications, and from the traceablity matrix, you can easily see the global advancement of your project by checking the Jira issues status.

Open the Requirement Yogi panel

Click on the "Edit" icon to add or remove requirements

You need to have permission to edit the issue to add or remove requirements

It can be faster to add a bunch of requirements at once by entering a list of requirement keys, separated by commas.

This method doesn't allow you to specify the space where the requirement is defined

Once you have added a requirement to an issue, you can see the issue status in Confluence when displaying the requirement in the detailed view or in the traceability matrix.

That is it, You know all you need on Requirement Yogi in Jira !

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