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 This page describes the search syntax to find requirements in Confluence. Requirement Yogi provides a search screen in every space.

By default, only active requirements of the current space are displayed. Use the URL to display deleted requirements or to search across spaces.


Search on...QueryResult
Keykey = 'IG-1'The requirement with the exact key.
key ~ 'IG-%'All requirements starting with 'IG-'.
Contentstext ~ '% something'All requirements whose text ends with 'something'.
Pagespage = 467382

All requirements defined on the page with ID 467382 (Does not include dependencies)

page ~ 467382

All requirements that are on the page with ID 467382 (Includes dependencies)

page = 'a title'

All requirements on the page with title matching 'a title'. You can use the characters ? for a single character wildcard and * for a multiple character wildcard. (Does not include dependencies)

page ~ 'Partial title*'

All requirements on the page with title starting with 'Partial title' (Includes dependencies)


@Category = 'Functional'

@Category\ With\ Space = 'Functional'

All requirements where the property 'Category' = 'Functional'. (Use \ if the property contains a space (here the property is 'Category With Space'
External propertiesext@Category = 'Functional'All requirements where the external property 'Category' = 'Functional'.
ext@Category is not nullAll requirements where the external property 'Category' is defined.
ext@Estimate > 10All requirements where the external property 'Estimate' is greater than 10.
DependenciesTO = 'REQ-001'Requirements which reference REQ-001.
FROM = 'REQ-001'Requirements which are referenced by REQ-001.
FROM ~ 'REQ-%'Requirements which are referenced by any requirement starting with "REQ-".
FROM@refines = 'REQ-001'Requirements which are "refined" by REQ-001.
Variantsvariant = 1All requirements with the variant id 1
variant = 'Current'All requirements with the variant name Current. Note: all spaces have a default variant called Current
variant = ('Current' in space 'ANOTHER')All requirements with the variant name Current in the space ANOTHER
Spacespace = 'HOME'All requirements in the space HOME. Note: cross space search is not yet available


rulestatus = trueRequirements which respect all the rules.
rulestatus = 'warning'Requirements with a warning.
rulestatus = falseRequirements in error.
rulestatus@my\ rule = falseRequirements which don't suit "my rule".
rulestatus@my\ rule IS NOT NULLRequirements which are submitted to "my rule".


jira = 'key-1'Requirements which are linked to Jira issue with key = 'key-1'
jira IS NOT NULLRequirements which are linked to a Jira issue.
jira@relation = 'key1Requirements which are link to Jiira issue with key = 'key-1' and relationship = 'relation'


AND, OR, NOTBoolean operators

= '...'

== '...'

Strict equality.

~ '...%...'

like '...%...'

Soft equality. Use % in the string as a wildcard.
@...Reference to a property of the requirement (if you've defined requirements in columns).
IS NOT NULLTo check if a field is filled


key = ...The key of the requirement. Keys are unique per space.
spaceKey = ...The space key of the requirement (case sensitive).
status = ...

The status of the requirement (ACTIVE, DELETED, MOVED). Default: ACTIVE. There is generally no reason to use it, since those statuses are internal details about requirements. You would rather define your own property named "Status", and search them using @status = 'Approved' for example. Do not confuse "status" (our internal implementation detail) and "@status" (any user-defined property).

text = ...The contents of the requirement (Does not include the properties).
page = ...The ID of a page or a version where a requirement is defined.
link is not null / link is nullThe requirements having links or not
jira = ...A JIRA issue linked to the requirement.
jira@relationship = ...A JIRA issue linked with a specific relationship.
@aproperty = ...A property with name "aproperty".
ext@aproperty = ...An external property with name "aproperty". Note: external properties are typed (string, float, integer, boolean...)

to@arelationship = ...

from@arelationship = ...

A dependency with the relationship "arelationship".

variant = ...

A variant for a requirement

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