Jira only (Data Center / Server)

This page relates to Jira only. The Jira module is free, Data Center-supported, and its installation is described in JIRA-Confluence integration for Requirement Yogi.

In version 2.5 and above

In 2.5, we've introduced the ability to search on the custom field directly:

  • You need Jira Server 8.0+ (Data Center version to come soon),
  • Create a custom field for requirements,
  • Enable the "search template" on this field, named "Searcher for RY Links",
  • You can now use the search syntax below.
customfield in requirementYogiKeys('REQ-001')All custom fields which contain the requirement REQ-001.
customfield in requirementYogiKeys('REQ-%')All custom fields which contain one of the REQ-... requirements.
customfield in requirementYogiKeys('REQ-001', 3)Requirement REQ-001, in baseline 3
customfield in requirementYogiKeys('REQ-001', "CURRENT")Requirement REQ-001, in current version.
customfield in ('REQ-001', 'REQ-002')A list of requirements (no baseline possible)


  • It is not possible to specify the space key or the Confluence instance,
  • It doesn't work for Jira 7.13.

In 2.2 and above (deprecated)

In 2.2.5, we've introduced a JQL Function named requirementYogiLinks to search for issues that are linked to RY requirements.

Usage: issue in requirementYogiLinks('applink_id', 'relationship', 'space_key', 'key#baseline_number')

Examples :

issue in requirementYogiLinks('REQ-001')Issues linked to requirement REQ-001
issue in requirementYogiLinks('REQ-001#3')Issues linked to requirement REQ-001 in baseline 3
issue in requirementYogiLinks('PROD', 'REQ-001')Issues linked to requirement REQ-001 and spaceKey PROD 
issue in requirementYogiLinks('abcd-fff1-acef-4343', 'resolves', '*', '*')Issues linked to requirements from applink 'abcd-...' with relationship "resolves"
issue in requirementYogiLinks('abcd-fff1-acef-4343', '*', '*', '*')Issues linked to requirements from applink 'abcd-...'
issue in requirementYogiLinks('resolves', '*', 'REQ-001#1')Issues linked to requirement REQ-001 and baseline 1 with the relationship resolves

Any argument can be replaced with '*' if it's not relevant. 

The NOT keyword

The NOT keyword doesn't work well yet.

When deploying to customers, we've noticed many of them use JQL to detect issues which don't have requirements yet. This is not a usecase we've thought of, and it may perform badly. Watch  RY-488 - Getting issue details... STATUS  to keep updated.

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