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Compliance considerations

Some customers use Requirement Yogi for legal or compliance purposes. We don't assess whether Requirement Yogi is suitable or unsuitable for this purpose, but here is some interesting information:

  • The coverage features, the dependency matrix, the link with JIRA are very useful tools in achieving traceability.
  • Requirement Yogi creates a copy of all requirements when you create baselines, including their text. The text is frozen, it can't be updated again. Links to dependencies in the same baseline are saved.
  • The baseline and the saved version of the requirements may be deleted if the page of the baseline is deleted.
  • Confluence allows deleting a version in the page history. It means a dedicated person could delete the version of the requirements that was agreed upon and saved in the baseline, so that the text of the requirement in the baseline doesn't match the text in that version of the page.
  • Confluence allows add-ons to change its data, notably the page history. A malevolent add-on could in theory modify an older version of a page to make it seam like a specific requirement was written.

We depend on the core behavior of Confluence and some features are intended for Agile-oriented companies with assumed positive intentions. If you regularly work with malevolent people, you may want to ask us which defensive customizations you could deploy (Notably preventing pages and versions from being deleted, configuring Applinks in a certain way for authentication purpose, setting up version-level signatures).

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