To:Active evaluators, active customers of both RY and RY TC.
Subject:Requirement Yogi and Confluence Data Center.
Main page for all information regarding DC: Data Center strategy for Requirement Yogi
DateAugust 7th, 2019

Dear customers,

We are writing to you regarding our app for Confluence Data Center and its new pricing. As you may already know, once a Data Center app is available, customers can only opt for the Data Center license when they renew.

We plan to publish a Data Center version of our Requirement Yogi plugins soon. Here are the expected dates, which will vary depending on our bandwidth and processing times at Atlassian:

  • Requirement Yogi for Confluence: End of August,
  • The PSEA plugin: Mid-September,
  • Requirement Yogi for Jira: End of October.
  • RY Testing & Compliance extension: Not planned for certification.

What is the new pricing?

The pricing is exactly 25% of Confluence for each tier, except the lower tiers where it is the price of the Server version:

TierConfluence DCRequirement Yogi DC
... etc.

How do I upgrade the license for Requirement Yogi?

Those rules were defined by Atlassian, so please refer to their FAQ if you have more questions. Licenses for the Server version purchased before September 3rd will be valid on a Data Center instance.

What is our current status?

The approval process has already started concerning Requirement Yogi for Confluence, and we expect a few weeks before approval. Check out our summary page: Data Center strategy for Requirement Yogi.

We need a bit more time for the Jira integration. The queue between Jira and Confluence has shown weaknesses, so the "Remote issue links" implementation needs to be replaced with a better performing UI, based on a panel and a custom field. These changes will have the following impact:

  • We will have to upgrade the data in Jira, the next time you install the plugin. It may require your attention, which we will explain in the release notes.
  • We will need a technical user to be set in Confluence, to authenticate to Jira. We will explain it in the release notes.
  • The queue needs to be monitored, and we will provide a page with instructions in our documentation. Please watch for this in the next release notes.

Once this project is complete, we will come back to the development of new features.

Do you want to migrate to Confluence Data Center?

Go to and follow the instructions.

Best regards,

Adrien Ragot, founder

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