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Spreadsheets are expected to make calculations. In version 2.2, Play SQL introduces Totals. They allow you to perform any kind of calculation:

  • Simple calculations like "SUM(column_name)" are available,
  • Advanced calculations using SQL are possible too.

See this example:




For Queries

Step 1. Add a Totals row

There is no bottom row by default for queries. Click "Add Options", then "Totals":

A bottom line appears at the bottom of the table, in addition to the mention in the gray area. They are linked: If you remove one, the other will go away too.

Step 2. Double-click on the bottom line

Double-click the bottom line and add your formula:

For Spreadsheets

Step 1. Create a table

If you want to perform calculations on numbers, you need the column type to be a number (currency, decimal or integer):

Open the column's menu, click "Change Format":

Select Integer:


Step 2. Double-click on the bottom line

The first field (named "Place label here") allows you to put a static text ahead of the total.

The second field is the formula.

Step 3. Write a formula

Fortunately, a tooltip helps you for that. Refer to Formulas for the specifics. Remember:

  • You must use column keys, such as "number_of_boxes" above.
  • Column keys aren't labels. There's a tooltip over column labels to tell you about their keys, and you can change the key by going to the Column Properties dialog.
  • Operations such as SUM(number_of_boxes) are sufficient.

Step 4. Validate

Press Enter. The total will be replaced by its value:

Totals are always aligned on the right.

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