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  • If you intend to test Spreadsheets too, create a Postgresql database:

    bash$ psql -U postgres -W postgres -h localhost
    CREATE USER myuser WITH PASSWORD 'mypassword';
    CREATE DATABASE mydatabasename OWNER myuser;
    GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON DATABASE mydatabasename to myuser;
  • If you're installing for production, see Declaring a JNDI datasource for Confluence.


Upon installation, enter the license key:

Click Get Started:

You reach the setup wizard: Click Next.

It is recommended to use the "Spreadsheets" setup wizard even for evaluation. In the case you evaluate using the Evaluation wizard, there is no assisted migration path to transfer Hsql data into a Postgresql database (see Electing a configuration).

Choose your JNDI datasource:

Finish the setup:

A help page will tell you how to get started:

Configuration screen

You can also perform a manual configuration using the admin screen. Just search for "Play SQL Add-on" in the Confluence Administration:

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