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Highlight of the release

  • Images can now be pasted or uploaded in Play SQL.
  • The default limit is 3Mb, it is possible to change the limit or disable them.


Since  PLAYSQL-252 - Getting issue details... STATUS , it is now possible to paste images in cells:

You just have to set the type "Image":

Images can be imported by:

  • Uploading,
  • Pasting an image in the cell,
  • Pasting the URL of an image,
  • Pasting cells from another spreadsheet from the same space.

How are images stored?

Images are stored with the binary type BYTEA. It's a variable-length binary string. The binary string starts with metadata, then the file starts after a dozen bytes (depending on the type and version).

Administrator notes

  • It is possible to limit the size of images,
  • It is possible to disable images entirely.
  • The default size is 3Mb.

Issue list

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Upgrade notes

  • The "PSEA" plugin will be installed together with Play SQL Base or Spreadsheets. It is required. It performs the Excel exports.
  • The Legacy SQL Macro was removed in a previous version. Please do not upgrade if you still require it.
  • If you upgrade from Play SQL 2.6, there are new requirements:
  • If you upgrade from Play SQL 2.9, there are schema changes:

Known issues

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