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Highlight of the release

  • Foreign keys and relationships between tables

Foreign Keys

This is a highly expected feature. We are introducing relationships between tables in Play SQL 3.0.

How to create a Foreign Key?

Choose a table, and click on a column that you want to make as a Foreign key.

Click on the key icon.

Select the targeted table.

Select a column from the targeted table as a display field.

How to display another column, the original foreign key's values or remove it ?

Once a foreign key exists, you can remove the 2 parts of it:

Remove the renderer only.
  • The cell will be displayed as a normal "integer" field.
  • The data in the database won't be modified,
  • The foreign key constrain will remain, users have
    to enter valid integers matching IDs in the target table.

Depress the "+" button:

Remove the foreign key entirely.
  • The cell will be displayed as an integer,
  • The user will be free to enter any value,
  • The data in the database won't change, but the FK constraint
    will be removed.

How to display the linked records?

Click on the "Form" tab.

It displays the rows referring to the current recording.

By clicking on the foreign keys, we can navigate from one table to another.

A path is displayed above, we can click on a breadcrumb to go backwards.

Reordering spreadsheets in the index

It is now possible to use drag-and-drop to rearrange spreadsheet positions.

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Upgrade notes

  • The "PSEA" plugin will be installed together with Play SQL Base or Spreadsheets. It is required. It performs the Excel exports.
  • The Legacy SQL Macro was removed in a previous version. Please do not upgrade if you still require it.
  • If you upgrade from Play SQL 2.6, there are new requirements:
  • If you upgrade from Play SQL 2.9, there are schema changes:

Known issues

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