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Highlight of the release

  • Support for clustering, named "Data Center" by Atlassian,
  • Database Monitoring and ability to kill queries

We're progressing towards the Enterprise Spreadsheets for Confluence goal.

Introducing Data Center/Cluster support

Atlassian has introduced the Data Center offering for Confluence 5.6. Play SQL is now suitable for clustered instances. Those instance must use Confluence 5.6 or above.

Introducing Database Monitoring

System administrators need to have an overview of their platform activity and kill long-standing queries. Play SQL now provides a new administration screen, available through the "Tables" link on the left. It monitors the SQL queries being run by Play SQL.

This screen is only available to administrators. If you have ticked "Space admins can modify their datasource", then they also have access. They can see queries running on their database and kill them. There's more technical information, such as cursors, locks and interlocks:

Updated translations

Translations from have been updated into the product. Now available in French, German, Spanish and English. 

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Upgrade notes

  • If you upgrade from Play SQL 1.4.1: Please upgrade to 2.3.x first, otherwise your queries will be unavailable. If you've upgraded too soon, please reinstall Play SQL 2.3.x, then upgrade to the latest version.
  • If you upgrade from Play SQL 2.6, there are new dialects instead of Generic/Unsupported, for those who don't use PostgreSQL. Please switch to:
    • Oracle (Unsupported)
    • MySQL (Unsupported)
    • The only officially supported database is PostgreSQL.
  • If you upgrade from Play SQL 2.6, there are new requirements:
    • Requires Java 7,
    • Requires PostgreSQL 9.0 (Query monitoring requires 9.2),
    • Requires Confluence 5.3.

Known issues

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