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Highlight of the release

Audit Trail (history) for spreadsheets

After the cycle of bugfixing and small improvements in 2.6, we're adopting a more enterprise roadmap for 2.7. We're hoping to make it easy to control and track what's happening on your spreadsheets, through history and change workflows.

Introducing the Audit Trail

View the history of a spreadsheet

A new tab on the spreadsheet page lets you see the recent changes.


  • All changes are recorded: Table creation, drops, format changes, formulas...
  • Filters to view all changes of a user, on a column or on a row,
  • See the old value using the question mark ((question)) in the Actions column,
  • There is a global audit trail for the whole space.

Purge the history automatically

Audit Trail isn't active by default, because the size of this table may increase quickly. To set it up, go to the Space administration:

Can we revert actions from the Audit Trail?

We've left reverts out of scope for the moment. Please vote for  PLAYSQL-69 - Getting issue details... STATUS  or communicate with the support.

Can we receive notifications on changes?

No. Is it important for you? Please vote for  PLAYSQL-70 - Getting issue details... STATUS  or communicate with the support.

Can we prevent users from deleting history?

History is only deleted according to the settings of the Audit Trail purge policy. Only administrators can change this setting and the Audit Trail reflects policy changes (and their author).

This release cycle is about controlling changes on spreadsheets

We're pragmatic, meaning we make what's possible according to the time it takes. Here are our best dreams:

  • PLAYSQL-68 - Getting issue details... STATUS  - A special column which can contain a reference to a page.
  • PLAYSQL-69 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • PLAYSQL-71 - Getting issue details... STATUS

We are likely to change scopes and dates.

Introducing the Translations website: Willkommen und Bienvenue!

Our German and French fans will probably like it: 2.7 comes with translations in German and French with 85% coverage. If you can help to improve quality, we've introduced where you can check and update translations. We'll regularly merge your changes into micro releases.

Issue list

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Upgrade notes

Two new tables will be created: "playsql_settings" and "playsql_audit_trail". They will be created the first time a user accesses a space (even if it's only to see the list of tables).

Performance: We're losing 15% performance on audit-trail-activated spaces. However, keeping the history will make your business safer.

Intel Core i7 (4 physical cores)ThroughputThroughput
With Audit Trail
261 updates per second
Without Audit Trail
222 updates per second

(warning) If you upgrade from Play SQL 1.4.1, please upgrade to 2.3.x first, otherwise your queries will be lost.

If you've upgraded too soon, please reinstall Play SQL 2.3.x, then upgrade to the latest version.

Known issues

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