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In those release notes:

Highlight of the release

Plenty of little bugs and improvements

Meet new data types and navigation improvements

Multiline, Markdown renderer and unlimited text

This is really exciting. First, Postgresql supports unlimited text in cells at the same performance as VARCHAR.

Second, using Markdown allows you to insert images, links, bold and titles in the cells!

Calendar picker

Previously only available for Chrome, the calendar is not available for all platforms from Confluence 5.4.

Navigation using keys

Previously only the <tab> key was used for navigation. We've also added arrow keys (up, down, left, right) and it makes navigation much smoother.

Red Cell

It is not possible to remove the red cell in the Query macro.


Internationalization was initiated. Most labels can be replaced. However, only the English language is provided or the moment.

Issue list

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Upgrade notes

(warning) If you upgrade from Play SQL 1.4.1, please upgrade to 2.3.x first, otherwise your queries will be lost.

If you've upgraded too soon, please reinstall Play SQL 2.3.x, then upgrade to the latest version.

Known issues

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