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Paste cells from desktop apps

Show spreadsheet excerpts

Paste cells from outside (from a desktop app or from other websites)

Useful for imports!

  • If there aren't enough columns, Play SQL will kindly suggest to create them. If present, it will use the table headers from the pasted content.
  • You can also paste text content:
    • New lines in the pasted text are converted in new rows in the target spreadsheet,
    • Tabs in the pasted text are converted in new columns.
  • (warning) You can copy many, many cells (I've tried with 2000). It may be slow but it will end up working, at least in Chrome. It still submits each cell separately, which isn't a good model:
    • (minus) Will not work with HSQL,
    • (tick) Submitting many cells at the same time will work in Postgresql.
  • We're working on improving the performance by submitting all cells in one request, obviously. Please be patient.

Paste to desktop apps

That works, obviously, and it keeps the link in the top-left so you can come back to Confluence.

Paste excerpts to Confluence pages

That was released in 2.3, but in case you've missed it, you can show excerpts of spreadsheets:

  • Select a row, a column, or cells (press Shift or Ctrl to select an area),
  • Press Ctrl + C
  • Edit a page, press Ctrl + V
  • The spreadsheet macro is inserted, with a filter to only display the cells and columns you've selected.

UI Improvements (continued)

  • It is now possible to edit a column name without using the menu:
    • First click: Select the column
    • Second click: Show the menu
    • Third click: Rename the column
  • The right way to start editing a cell is to press Enter. If you start typing, Play SQL will attempt to catch the characters and write them into the cell. It doesn't work for the 'c', for example, which opens the "Create" dialog.

Issue list

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Upgrade notes

No upgrade action to perform in this version.

If the plugin gets deactivated when upgrading, I'm sorry. It is due to the way Confluence packages plugins in OBR files, and it can be fixed using this little dance:

  • Try re-enabling the plugin,
  • Or uninstall it, and reinstall it again.

There is no risk of losing data when this happens.

Known issues

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