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Highlight of the release

  • Charts, both for Play SQL Spreadsheets and Base


We're introducing charts in Play SQL 2.13:

How to create a chart?

Start in the Index page
There are 3 sorts of charts
Charts can be based on spreadsheets, queries or custom SQL.
There are a few options to change colors, axis scale (logarithmic?), etc.

What charts can I create?

There are line charts, pie charts (either plain or cut out) and bar charts.

Can I create a dashboard?


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Upgrade notes

  • The "PSEA" plugin will be installed together with Play SQL Base or Spreadsheets. It is required. It performs the Excel exports.
  • The Legacy SQL Macro was removed in a previous version. Please do not upgrade if you still require it.
  • If you upgrade from Play SQL 2.6, there are new requirements:
  • If you upgrade from Play SQL 2.9, there are schema changes:

Known issues

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