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This app will be retired on December 31st 2022

19/12/2021: Given the difficulties to maintain it, we are retiring Play SQL Spreadsheets for Confluence Server. See the announcement.

Manage structured data

Make Confluence the repository for corporate data. Sales figures, bookings, inventory, prospect tracking: All the data that is usually scattered in desktop applications now belongs onto the shared wiki.

Touches and feels like a spreadsheet

Creating a table is easy as entering data into a spreadsheet: Arrow/tab key navigation, select cells, remove rows...

Copy & paste data from your desktop apps, or cut cells to show excerpts on reports.

Tables are isolated per space, so users from other spaces can't modify your data.

Chart Integration

Queries can be used to perform calculations and the Charts macro displays your data.

The little secret? You're using a SQL database. Postgres can handle a million records without losing performance. Databases can be backed up by your system administrator along with your other machines, and replayed second by second in case of restoration. Because the data is stored in an industry-standard way, any tool besides Play SQL can read the data.

SQL industry standard with varnish

Make SQL friendly again by applying icon renderers, date pickers, displaying totals and presenting the overall in a wiki. SQL is the standard in the reporting industry (a.k.a "Business Intelligence") and there are many front-ends to access it. Your employees will be empowered as you move off closed languages, such as formulas, and we're currently adding features such as SQL wizard and click & play tools.

See the differences between the Cloud and Server versions.


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