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This how-to will be used:

  • When you want to read data from external databases,
  • When you want to augment this data with local information.

For example your company may maintain the repository of employees, and you want to add information about each person's desk on the intranet, without modifying the repository.

The additional columns don't have to be text only. They can be numbers, dates, currencies, etc.

Import the foreign data

We've already written a how-to about foreign databases. It's a Postgres feature which allows you to read data from an LDAP, a filesystem or an Oracle database.

Create a Joint Table

Open up the Create dialog and choose Play SQL's Joint Tables:

Provide the names of the table you need to augment:

And the table is built:

The feature is pretty easy and yet powerful. We hope you'll find good usecases for it!