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Display your spreadsheet as a form

Assuming a spreadsheet with several field types

Head to a page and insert the Play SQL Form macro

Choose your spreadsheet.

As you've noticed in the Macro Browser preview, the body of the macro is automatically suggested. Feel free to modify the layout.

In this example, we're adding an introduction.

Each field can be configured:

  • Required fields,
  • Default value,
  • The type depends on the type of the column.


Here's the result.



See also: Record Browser

We'll spare you the tutorial but there's also a read-only browser to navigate records.

How do the permissions work?

This is the general permission scheme for Play SQL:

  • If users can view a space, they can view all its data,
  • If users can create pages and edit a space, they can create and edit spreadsheets.

If you need to display the macro in another space, create the macro in the space with the spreadsheet then copy-paste it in the other space. The original context will be preserved.

How to install?

The add-on will be available on the Marketplace when we publish version 1.0. For the time being, please upload the plugin manually:

Upon installation, please check the add-on is enabled: If the button "Enable" is visible, please click on it:

(tick) Done


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