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Issue reference

Error rendering macro 'jira'

Unable to locate Jira server for this macro. It may be due to Application Link configuration.

Works for


Legacy macro


Since 2.2.1, it is possible to include predefined variables about the page, the space, the author, the current user. Here is the list of available pre-defined variables:

  • $username, $userName, $userFullName, $email
  • $spaceKey, $spaceName
  • $pageTitle, $pageId (The title and id of the page or blog post. For comments, it's the title and id of the hosting page.)
  • $ceoType, $ceoId ("page", "blogpost", "comment", etc. $ceoId will be equal to $pageId in most cases except Comments.)
  • $parentPageTitle, $parentPageId (The parent page, in case of a page)
  • $creator, $lastModifier (The login of the creator and last modifier)

Note that we don't use $pageName but $pageTitle.

How to include built-in parameters in the Query Editor

In the Query Editor, click Add Options, then Built-in Parameters:

The "Built-in parameters" will appear in the options, and they will be replaced as long as you keep them:

The macro can then be inserted in a page:

(tick) You know how to use built-in parameters and which parameters exist.

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