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Click twice on a column header and the autofilter will suggest options, according to the column type:

See  PLAYSQL-94 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Options for column resizing

See  PLAYSQL-172 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Options for viewing large amounts of data

It is difficult to explain the feeling of the distraction-free mode. The browser collapses and displays the table in full-screen mode, like a Youtube video. Margins can also be reduced.

These options are displayed when the pagination is active (more than 50 records). In full-screen mode, inline dialogs aren't available, so it is not possible to edit the column properties or have autocomplete on formulas. Those options are available in reduced-margins mode.

See  PLAYSQL-170 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Formatting is generally done using the Markdown rendering, but the cell background can be changed using F2.



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